Classic and Antique Wooden Boat Restorations | Belgrade Lakes, ME

There are those of us who have an affinity for a boat project. Or several. We love an old boat, the gray skeleton of a battered wooden hull, scarred by wind, water and sun, bleached and broken bones that most would deem scrap wood. We look beyond the flaws that time has rendered to her and see only her graceful lines, careful craftsmanship and our minds immediately go to what it would take to rightfully bring her back to the classic beauty that she once was. We can almost hear the rumble of an old flathead and if we squint just right we can visualize the sun and water mirrored in her newly varnished hull.

Odds are, if you are on this page, you are one of us.
We are lucky to be able to do what we love. View our current and recent projects!

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