Brightside is proud to announce that we are an official local Maine dealer of Elco Electric Motors

Electric is the Better Choice

Traditional inboard and outboard motors have many moving parts and require consistent upkeep, proper winterization and expensive fuel. Electric motors require none of these things. Did we mention they’re silent? Get on board with the biggest breakthrough in the marine industry with an electric motor from Elco. With the ease of installation (fits standard engine mounts), and virtually zero carbon footprint, electric motors are the future of boating. Contact Brightside today to learn more.

Brightside is an authorized local Maine dealer of Elco Electric Motors

Environmentally Friendly

Elco Motor owner John Kelly: “In thinking about what type of motor to put in to my boat, keeping the gasoline and oil away from the lake was a big part of the decision, and electric is just so environmentally friendly and sustainable that I wanted to go electric from the get go with this boat.” No oil and no combustibles onboard!


Brightside is proud to be one of Maine’s only authorized dealers of Elco Electric Motors. Contact us today to learn more about going electric. 207-495-3680