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Brightside offers its private collection of antique wooden and classic boats to the discriminating vacationer looking for that “On Golden Pond” experience. In addition, for those seeking a more traditional Belgrade Lakes boat rental, we now offer modern power boat and pontoon boat rentals as well.

In addition to boat rentals, Brightside Marine offers an array of services including restorations, mechanical / electrical repair, winterization services, indoor and outdoor storage, marine canvas / upholstery, and brokerage services. Brightside is an authorized dealer of Elco Electric Motors.

Waking or sleeping, I dream of boats…

E.B. White

Meet the Crew

Shawn Grant, Owner

For his entire life, Shawn Grant, a resident of Belgrade Lakes for nearly 30 years, has recalled a love and appreciation of classic wooden boats.

From their vintage design, the low bellowing sound they make when piercing the water, and their harmonious feel as they glide along.

But it wasn’t until 2007 that Grant decided to turn his passion into a full time endeavor. He wrote his own business plan and sold some of his prized possessions in order to acquire the necessary tools, equipment and rental boats to get the business started.

It wasn’t long before Grant attached a single-bay workshop to his house; a two-bay, two story workshop on the other side of the driveway; and acquired direct shorefront on Mill Stream, which runs along Hulin Road in the Belgrade Lakes village.

max curry brightside marine

Max Curry

My name is Max Curry. I’m from Rhode Island and have always loved to come to Maine.  I have lived here for the past 4 years and from day one, it has always felt like home. Boats are part of my DNA, my great (times 5 or 6) grandfather on my mother’s side rowed across the Atlantic Ocean in 1896 and held the time record for over 100 years. I prefer boats with sails or engines and used plenty of both while growing up on Narragansett Bay. I have taught sailing, sold nautical repair materials, and now help bring old boats back to their former glory. This year, I am expanding my boat IQ and getting certified in marine electronics. I look forward to working on your boat and seeing you on the lake.

Remember, always look on the Brightside!

jt stevens brightside

Jon "JT" Stevens II

JT here – born and raised in the beautiful town of Fayette, Maine.  I found my love of boats and the craft of building them while studying alongside close friends at The Boat School in Eastport, ME.  We were excited to be carrying on a tradition of Maine’s heritage.  There I learned the ways of blending new technology with the old in a location where skilled craftsmen had been doing the same work for hundreds of years.  

After graduating with many invaluable skills, I was swiftly employed by both private boat owners and two of the biggest yacht building and servicing companies in New England – Hodgdon and Morris Yachts.  As my knowledge, relationships and skills advanced, so did my passion and desire to press forward.  Having spent the better part of ten years doing this, I was elated at the opportunity to get back to the roots of my schooling and working on the wooden boats Brightsides has become known for!  I enjoy the diversification of projects that come through our shop and push boatbuilders like us to the next level.  Can’t wait to see your smiling faces!

“If you find yourself on the wrong side, look on the Brightside.”  

Oh yeah, where are my sunglasses?

Brightside Wooden Boat was born

“The sides of a wooden boat are considered the brightsides,” Shawn says. “It’s a play on words and has a number of different meanings.”

Grant said he knew that he wanted three strokes of a paint brush in his logo and a transom, which is the back part of a boat or ship.

Whether the customer was looking for a boat rental for a weekend getaway, or had a snow-covered 1956 Chris Craft that required restoration – word of Brightside was beginning to spread amongst the local community, although for many outside of the Belgrade Lakes region, it still remains one of the state’s, or perhaps country’s best kept secrets. Grant admits:

“There’s only a few of us in the country

who rent out classic wooden boats.”

Belgrade Lake’s flock of Summer tourists make up much of Brightside’s rental side of the business, many whom are looking for the “On Golden Pond experience” – the Academy Award winning ’81 film based on pristine Great Pond.

While classic wooden boat rentals and restorations may be the foundation of Brightside, over the years, the business has found themselves spending more time in other areas – such as modern boat rentals and storage and winterization services.

Brightside offers various

boat rentals including modern

power boats and pontoons.

“We will always have a close connection to wooden boats. Heck, look at our logo! But at the end of the day, we need to give our customers what they want. Not everyone wants to rent a ’47 Chris Craft, so we need to keep up with the demand of what our customers are asking us for”.

Grant currently employs several experienced woodworkers and boat builders to keep up with the demand on the restoration side of the business.

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